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About Us

KINGDOM FINANCIAL, INC. is a privately held, Christ Centered Independent Insurance Agency specializing in teaching biblical financial literacy, securing income replacement, retirement planning strategies, wealth accumulation pathways and legacy planning.

Our Primary Purpose

Our Founders' Vision is to empower God's people to attain FREEDOM in the areas of time and money.

Creating this leverage would provide God’s Kingdom People with an option to serve Him, His people, and His Kingdom in the way that their heart would truly desire (i.e., funding ministries, funding full-time staff positions, feeding communities, serving in ministries full time without the need of income, helping the homeless in ways they may have never thought possible and so much more.) KF, desires to help you position yourself and your finances in a way where you can Love People, God’s Way... Financially. - Ephesians 4:11-16

Our approach is direct: To analyze and get an understanding of our clients’ complete financial picture, gain a clear picture of their desired future goals and dreams, and then provide cost effective strategy designed for your individual situation.

Why choose us?

We are committed to every one of our clients having a plan to get debt free immediately and have a plan to pay cash for our major purchase between now and retirement, an exact age for retirement, an exact amount they will need in retirement and an exact income equal or greater than 100% of the income they were living off of before retirement for their entire retirement and when they die they will leave an inheritance tax free and probate free.

We’re proud to serve families and businesses of all sizes for multiple generations. We look forward to the possibility of serving you.

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